Overview of what you can expect

when you sell your home with John M. Durso



In-Depth Marketing plan to sell your home:

A – RESULTS: (Jan. 1, 2019- December 31, 2019)
         1- Total of 50 Sold properties during that period (3.8 Total Sales per month)
         2- Total of 25 Listings Sold during that period!
         3- Single family homes and Condos that we Listed & Sold during that period obtained 99.1% of the list price on average! More                                             MONEY in your pocket! (Source: CincyMLS)
         4- Average days on market for our single family & condo listings during that period has been 17 days! (Source CincyMLS)
         5- 74.7% of our Listings have SOLD or are PENDING!
         6- Average 16.2 Hours prospecting for each Listing Sold!
         7- Average 100.1 Contacts made for each Listing Sold!
         8- Total sales volume since 1986= $178,217,923


B – Marketing: (Because you hire a Realtor to go out and FIND a buyer for your property)!

1-      PROSPECTING: Approximately 1.5 hours per day spent prospecting for buyers over the phone. Making phone calls to the surrounding neighborhood (often times neighbors may know someone who would like to move into the area); and making calls to targeted areas (areas where people may be moving from to buy into your neighborhood).

2-      REVERSE PROSPECTING: This is an MLS function that allows Realtors to identify other Realtors who have buyers looking for similar properties to yours. Making contact with Realtors who may have an active buyer now for your home!

3-      Contact Realtors who have been active in the area within the past 6 months, whether in listings or helping buyers find homes.

4-      Television Exposure. Your home will run for two consecutive Sundays on our Comey & Shepherd TV show!

5-      Virtual Tour on our MLS and various websites.

6-      Color postcards will be mailed out to the surrounding area.

7-      Exposure on multiple websites. According to the National Association of Realtors, 91% of all real estate buyers are looking for a home on the internet before they buy! Here are some of the some of the sites we use: 

a.        www.comey.com

b.       www.johndurso.com

c.       www.realtor.com

d.       www.zillow.com

e.       www.trulia.com

f.        www.postlets.com - this site will “syndicate” your home information out   to numerous other sites!

8-      Utilization of Social Media Marketing sites: (We go where the buyers are)

a.       www.facebook.com

                                                                     i.      Post information about your home on my Business page: www.facebook.com/JohnDursoCincinnatiRealtor  currently I have over 721 People that follow my business page.

                                                                    ii.      Run one or more targeted ads on Facebook.

b.       www.linkedin/in/johndursorealtor

                                                                     i.      Post information about your home on various groups of contacts.

                                                                    ii.      Post information about your property as a status update so my contacts can see the information about your home.

                                                                  iii.      Currently I have 930 contacts on LinkedIn!

                                                                  iv.      One of the top 10% most viewed profiles on LinkedIn, as reported by LinkedIn!

c.       www.twitter.com/johndurso

                                                                     i.      Post information about your home on my Twitter account.

                                                                    ii.      Post information about real estate in general and various local interest items.

                                                                  iii.      Currently have over 2648 followers on Twitter who see my postings and engage with.

                                                                  iv.      Rated one of the Top 99 Realtors on Twitter by WebsiteBox.com

d.       www.youtube.com/johndursorealtor

                                                                     i.      Post Videos about Housing related issues

                                                                    ii.      Post information about homes

e.       www.instagram.com/jdurso

                                                                     i.      Post pictures of homes

                                                                    ii.      Currently have 462 followers engaging with.

f.        www.pinterest.com/johndurso

                                                                     i.      Post pictures of homes

                                                                    ii.      Currently have 134 followers engaging with.

9-      Realtor tours are done on a case by case basis. Our Realtor tours are on Tuesdays and the time frame for the tour is usually somewhere between 10 am and 2pm.  Normally the agents will access the home during this time using the lockbox.

10-   Email marketing – Email flyers or postcards sent out to targeted audiences for your home! For example: a) Businesses in the area; b) Churches; c) Hospitals; d) Non-profits; e) School organizations; etc.

11-   Open houses - I do not conduct open houses for the following reasons: I have only sold 5 homes from an open house in over 30 yrs. of selling real estate and instead I spend more time actively target marketing your property.

12-   In-house material.

a.       List of comparable sales that justify the price we put on the home.

b.       A list of features about your home.


C – Follow Up Thru-out the Process

1-      Follow-up with feedback from showings. Need to know why Buyers aren’t making offers.

2-      Follow-up with you on the progress of the marketing efforts via bi-weekly reports.

3-      Help negotiate the offer when it comes in. Drawing on 27 plus years of Real Estate sales experience (Over 1300 transactions) to get the best possible outcome for you!

4-      Help arrange inspections on the property.

5-      Help negotiate the results of the inspections in order to get the best possible outcome to bring to a successful closing!

6-      Follow-up with the Lender to make sure the loan is progressing forward.

7-      Follow-up with the Title Company to insure a smooth closing

8-      Utilize a team approach to selling Real Estate. Team members include: Listing Manager/Assistant; Transaction Coordinator; & Call Center. (Frees up more time for me to prospect to get your home SOLD!)